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IRP (The International Risk Partnership Limited) was founded in 2009 as an independent consultancy to help national credit bureaus and lenders compete successfully by maximising the value derived from data, analytics and software.

IRP provide credit bureau experts, credit bureau consultants and risk management expertise that includes a wealth of international work and knowledge

With over 100 years of experience IRP are now working directly with credit bureaus and lenders to help them adapt to the constant change in market conditions, to identify new opportunities and to accelerate their growth. IRP are now also providing a number of software solutions for both credit bureaus and lenders.

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IRP provide management and business consulting services to credit bureau and lenders in many markets around the world today. Our people and skill sets also allow us to drill down through the business and product strategies to plan, accelerate and take to market new value adding products and services.

IRP provide software solutions to assist both credit bureaus and lenders in maximising the value from data, analytics and software. The solutions include decision engine, behaviour scoring, data supply management and data breach recovery. Click here to find out more about the solutions offered.

IRP's clients are found across the globe stretching from the United Kingdom through Europe, Africa, the Middle-East to Australia and New Zealand. Click here to view some of the clients and projects that IRP have executed since their start in 2009.